Rule-of-law is the only thing that matters.

If justice isn’t blind, then you have no rights.

Ask those who live in benighted nations like Cuba or North Korea. I mean those who aren’t members of the Communist Party. Or relatives thereof. They can travel freely, buy luxury goods, go to good schools. Not the plebs.

Could that ever happen in America?

Yes. It’s the new reality and it’s happening now.

President Trump is the clearest example. From his home being raided by armed FBI agents on a spurious “document mishandling” pretext, to the impending January 6th-related indictment from special prosecutor Jack Smith, this is a man politically targeted by local and federal forces for two simple reasons: he’s not one of them and he’s the leader of the opposition who can unseat the incumbent President next year.

That’s fine if we were in Venezuela or Belarussia.

But weren’t not, we’re America.

And it’s not just about former – God-willing – future President. It’s about average Americans, like Mark Houck, a pro-life preacher, father of 7, who likewise had his home raided by armed FBI agents because he protected his son against a demented pro-death abortion activist.

And it’s not just about Conservatives targeted by the feds because they are Conservatives.

It’s about the “anointed” being protected by law enforcement for political reasons.

Whether you’re an alleged con-man accused of bilking investors of billions, like Sam Bankman-Fried, who just had campaign-finance charges against him dropped by the DoJ. The fact that he donated $40 million to the party in power surely was not a factor.

Or if you’re the President’s son, who lied on a federal background check to buy a handgun, and failed to pay more than a million dollars in federal taxes, both crimes that would land anyone reading this article times in a federal prison. That man gets a sweetheart deal like no other: a fine and a “diversion program.” As my Newsmax colleague, Chris Plante, likes to say: “It’s good to be a Democrat!”

But there is hope.

It looks like we have found one honest judicial official: Judge Maryellen Noreika.

This week, run Delaware, Judge Noreika threw out Hunter Biden’s deal from Daddy’s DOJ.


Well because DoJ chief, Attorney General Merrick Garland has testified that investigations of the First Son are on-going. A classic ploy used to prevent Congressional oversight, e.g. “Sorry Mr. Chairman, I can’t answer any questions about the President’s son because that is an on-going matter.”

But the good judge raised the obvious question: how on God’s green Earth can the accused have a plea-deal from the feds if he’s STILL being investigated??

Noreika wasn’t happy and she kicked Hunter Biden, his lawyers and the DoJ flunkies out of her court.

Will that mean the man who Senator Grassley charges is embroiled in a multi-million dollar corruption scandal with his father, ever see Justice?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But it’s a start.

Let’s all keep this one honest judge in our prayers, because she gets it.

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