During his inauguration, Joe Biden promised to unify the country.

In a later tweet, he vowed to bring integrity back to the White House.

Additionally, when word of impolite behavior from his team leaked, he angrily vouched safe to fire any White House employee who was rude to members of the Press.

It seems that was all for show.

In front of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, bathed in a peculiar red light, Biden called half of America Fascists. Recently, the President himself insulted a FOX reporter, with his intemperate words caught on a hot microphone. Then, in celebrating “Pride Month”, the White House’s transgender guests went topless on the South Lawn of the President’s residence. And then, of course, over the 4th of July weekend, a bag of hard drugs was found in the White House.

So much for unity, integrity and decency.

How did this all happen, and how did we end up with cocaine in the most secure building in the world?

Who’s Baggie of Cocaine?

In all simplicity, it is hard to disagree with California Congressman Darrel Issa, when he recently said: “We’ve never had cocaine in the White House until someone with a record of using cocaine visited the White House.” That person is Biden’s son, Hunter.

Hunter Biden’s drug habit is well documented. Thanks to the home videos of him cavorting with prostitutes, while smoking crack cocaine. Likewise, it is a matter of record that he was thrown out of the Navy for drug use. So you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to connect the dots.

Despite Karine Jean Pierre, the White House Press Secretary  lying about it, Hunter Biden was indeed at the White House on the Friday before the cocaine was discovered. Not only that, the way the story has “evolved” since the drugs were found is most suspicious and speaks to an Administration that has a tenuous relationship with the Truth.

First the reports were that the bag of cocaine was found in the residence, in the library. Soon thereafter it had apparently migrated to outside the Situation Room under the West Wing, with it finally being said to have been discovered in a cubby-hole for cell-phone storage.

The White House is the most secure building in the world, guarded 24/7 by snipers, plainclothes and uniformed Secret Service agents. In a video after the scandal broke, as a former Deputy to the President, who had an All-Access pass to the whole White House, I explained just how secure the 18 acre compound really is. So how did a baggie of cocaine wander around the building? Did it have little legs?

We know the Truth. This is an administration devoid of any moral compass. From the top down. Hunter Biden’s moral turpitude is unquestionable. From shady deals with Communist China, to sweetheart deals with corrupt Ukrainian energy companies, to illegally purchasing a handgun and filming himself driving at 172mph, to disowning his our daughter, sired with a stripper. Where did he learn this behavior? From his father.

How is it forgotten that Joe Biden: lied about his education; plagiarized a British politician; lauded KKK members and segregationists; and led the “high-tech lynching” of Clarence Thomas because he dared to be a black Conservative nominee to the Supreme Court? Need. Say I more? “Unfit to serve” doesn’t quite begin to cover it.

If it were but a question of personal failings, that would be one thing. We’ve seen degenerate men serve as Presidents before. From “Camelot’s” JFK who thought nothing of bedding his wife Jackie’s secretary in the White House, or having sex with a 19 year old intern four days after she joined his team. Yes in the building where he lived with his wife. Or fellow Democrat Bill Clinton who was comfortable having sex nine times in the Oval Office with an intern 27 years his junior. Nine times.

But this isn’t just about illicit sex or hard drugs. It’s about what people who have no moral center do when they become powerful.

In the last two years we have seen the Biden Administration use the FBI to go after parents who spoke out at Schoolboard meetings. We’ve witnessed them leg-shackle former Trump advisers at Reagan airport, before they were stripped searched by the FBI. We’ve seen them raid and arrest a pro-life preacher in front of his 7 children, and deploy armed FBI agents to raid the home of a man who had just left the White House, and who is currently at the leader of the opposition to the current regime.

Police State tactics have arrived to America. As the son of those who lived under both Fascism and Communism, I never thought I would say that. But it is now undeniable.

So what are you doing about it?

Remember what one of our Founding Fathers warned us about our historic form of government: it’s “a Republic, if you can keep it!”

Can we?

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