The history of the Democrat Party questioning the results of an election is long.

Remember Al Gore’s “hanging chads?” And what about leading leftists calling for an “alternate slate of Electors” to reverse the results of the Presidential election and so stop President Trump. Hilary Clinton is still publicly claiming that the 2016 election was “stolen” from her by the Russians.

None of these people have been charged with a felony, left alone ended up in prison.

Why? Because they are Democrats and the 1st Amendment, guaranteeing Freedom of Speech, applies to them. Not to President Trump, or anyone associated with him.

In the latest Soviet-style theater of police-state tactics from Georgia, which follows a federal FBI raid on Mar a Lago, and arraignments against Donald Trump in New York, Miami and DC, the President and 18 others Americans have been indicted for taking actions that are protected by the Constitution.

These include charges that Mark Meadow’s, the Presidents Chief-of-Staff sent a text asking: “Is there a way to speed up Fulton County signature verification?” (Act 96), and that someone else sent an email to an “un-named co-conspirator” asking them to “touch-base” with presidential elector nominees.” (Act 67), or that America’s Mayor, the man who put 5 Mafia dons behind bars, retweeted a post asking voters to “call your state Senate & House Reps & ask them to sign the petition for a special session.” (Act 38).

These are all felonies in the United States. If done by Republicans like Rudy Giuliani. Or just anyone associated with a man who collectively won 137 million votes from the America people in 2 national elections.

This despite the fact that the First Amendment of our Republic is unequivocal. It “protects freedom of speech, the press, assembly, and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

President Trump and his lawyers committed no crime.

They didn’t privately fund local election officials and place ballot-harvesting dropboxes in predomnnatly Democrat districts.

They didn’t prevent poll watchers from the opposing party supervising vote tallies, lock them out of polling stations, or place cardboard on the windows to prevent anyone watching them “count.”

And they most definitely did not pull suitcases of perfectly packaged “votes” from their hiding place under a table once the other party’s officials had left the building, their crime all caught on CCTV. (Please see Dinesh’s D’Souza’s documentary 2000 Mules if any of the above facts are unknown to you).

The Democrats took all the above actions, al crimes, and no one was charged.

President Trump solicited actions to guarantee our 2020 elections were fair and transparent. That was his “crime.” That is why he was charged at midnight by a radical DA, daughter of a member of the Black Panthers.

It is said that Lavrentiy Beria, the founder of the proto-KGB had a moto: “Show me the man and I will find you the crime!” We have arrived that point in America.

The fact that all the fake “felonies” were accidentally posted on the Fulton County Court website – then deleted – hours before the secret Grand Jury even voted on what the charges should be means KGB tactics are here.

Can the Republic survive?

By January of 2025 we will know.

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