This morning I was doing an interview – for the first time – with Mike Slater, the new host of Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily, and it hit me.

We’re focusing on the wrong aspect of the perennial political persecutions of my former boss, the 45th President of the United States.

Yes, it is beyond an outrage what they are doing to him.

From the joint CIA/FBI/NSA operation Crossfire Hurricane that illegally spied on his campaign 7 years ago, predicated on a smear campaign financed by Hillary Clinton, to the armed FBI raid on his residence at Mar a Lago. They never stop.

The latest assault on the fabric of the Republic is Special Counsel Jack Smith’s 45-page indictment accusing the President of conspiring against the American voter and subverting the 2020 election.

If you haven’t read it, you should. But let me save you the time.

According to my friend, former US Army colonel Kurt Schlichter, one of the most successful attorney’s on the West coast (he won Ben Shapiro’s libel case against “clock boy,” remember him?), in his 30 years of practicing law he has never seen a more egregious example of a politically-driven federal indictment. To quote the good colonel, all the “crimes” allegedly committed by the 45th President of the United Sate are “First Amendment protected” activities. If we believe there to be a problem with any US election, not only do we have a right to say that, we have a duty to fight for rectification.

As to the deranged Smith’s core assertion that President Trump lied about the election being stolen, well if that’s a crime, then practically every leading Democrat from Al Gore to Hillary Clinton (she still says 2016 was “stolen” from her) should be in jail.

Lest you have forgotten just how demented the left has become, he’s a delightful montage of Dem pols screaming about “stolen elections.”

And yes, President Trump is undoubtedly the most politically persecuted politician in modern American history. But he will endure, Trust me. I worked for him.

Donald Trump is a force of nature who is fueled by the injustice meted out by the Deep State through actors like Smith, Comey, Brennan, et al. injustice that, as he has repeatedly said, is not really about him. It’s about you, he’s “just in the way.”

No, I want you to spare a thought – and a prayer – for the invisible victims of state-sponsored political persecution. Humble, hardworking Americans like the President’s butler Walt Nauta.

Walt was a colleague of mine in the White House, a Navy veteran who served his nation and his Commander-in-Chief with honor. Now he works at Mar a Lago and because he moved boxes of documents the President was fully in his authority to have – as per Congressional statute – this man was charged as a co-conspirator in Jack Smith’s first assault on President Trump’s rights and the US Constitution.

Now, as Hunter Biden was trying to negotiate his sweetheart deal of sweetheart deals for actually committing felonies, Jack Smith decided to file superseding charges in the fraudulent documents case against one Carlos De Oliveria, the head of maintenance for Mar a Lago, a man who works with his hands, is working class, and Hispanic.

Remember when the Democrats said they fight for the the working man, the oppressed, the downtrodden, the exploited minorities? Not anymore. If you dare to work for someone they politically disagree with, or worse, for a man who isn’t beholden to the vested politically and business interests of the “elite,” well then they’ll sic their DoJ dobermans on you.

Can you imagine being Walt, or Carlos? Decent men charged with crimes than bring 300+ years in prison and bail totaling $100,000? If they didn’t have President Trump at their back, it doesn’t bear imagining how they would fare.

It pains me to say this, as the son of those who escaped dictatorship, but we are on the precipice, police-state tactics have arrived to America.

Keep the President and is family in your prayers. And especially Walt and Carlos.

Then ask yourself what you will do to stand up for the Truth.

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