Doesn’t 2016 feel like a lifetime away?

How easily we forgot what life was like back then.

Will you come will me and reminisce for a while?

Let me take you back to the day of the Inauguration of the 45th President. It was a somber speech about the dark America created by those who hate our country. But afterward the mood was jubilant.

The parade on the way to the White House. The many Inauguration balls we held that night. But it wasn’t just about celebrations. It was about making America Great Again.

And Saturday morning we got down to work. We unleashed the fuel of America, the lifeblood of fossil fuels, opening up the Keystone pipeline, shale and fracking fields to feed the engines of growth. But it wasn’t just about the economy.

After 8 years of treating the military like a science experiment for left-wing ideologues, we reinvested in our troops so they could execute the only mission of merit: killing America’s enemies. And under their new Commander-in-Chief, that’s exactly what they were tasked to do.

President Trump committed us to the destruction of the Jihadi Caliphate of ISIS and within a few months that’s what happened.

Then, when it came to our national sovereignty, true patriots like Tom Homan and Mark Morgan were tasked to find and deport illegals and to build the Wall.

America was finally back. The factories were humming and the store shelves were full. We witnessed record low unemployment and a stock market that made everyone’s pensions and 401Ks the strongest in American history.

These were the statistical and empirical truths of life for American’s under the Presidency of Donald J. Trump. Yet what was the response from the Establishment and the scions of Corporate, legacy media? Four years of calling the Commander-in-Chief a “Russian-colluder,” a racist, a White-Supremacist, and even a Nazi.

As if the incessant calumny of multiple 24/7 smear campaigns were not enough, the Democrats and the permanent bureaucracy used every weapon they could deploy against the most successful President of the modern age. From Operation Crossfire Hurricane and the $30 million Mueller Probe, to not one but 2 impeachments, and then COVID, the perfect cover under which to mail our 80 million ballots.

At the same time, in classic Alinskyite fashion, violent mobs was unleashed, leveraging the violent death of George Floyd to justify riots across the nation, with looting and arson costing American business owners $2 billion in damages and loss and costing more than 3 dozen Americans their lives, including retired black police officer David Dorn.

What was President Trump’s reaction? Did he cut and run when the Antifa and BLM thugs assaulted the White House and set fire to St. John the Episcopal church, one block away? No. He walked across Lafayette Square the next, the church President Lincoln had worshipped at to show the America haters he was uncowed.

So that was your life under my former Boss, President Trump. Can we contrast that to the last 2+ years under his replacement?

It starts with the cancellation of Keystone, a war on the energy that drives America and an obeisance to the cult of environmentalism at the same time that the real networks which make America run were neglected. Remember East Palestine?

Whilst we’re talking national-level logistics, what about the “supply-chain” disasters, the lack of staples like baby formula, or the scores of shipping containers stuck off the California’s coast?

Disregard for the needs of Americans have been matched of late by a disdain for our national sovereignty, as the border regime we built was dismantled and millions of illegals were let into our home, along with literally tons of deadly narcotics that killed more than 100,000 Americans in just one year.

Biden’s feckless reign also brought us a war in Ukraine, China on the rise, and the wholehearted embarrassment of transgender policies that target and sexualize the most precious thing we have: our children.

On today of all days, as we remember the thousands murdered in New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania by Jihadi terrorists, we would do well to remember the perennial cost to our nation when the highest office of the land is held by those who either hate America, or do not have the courage to do what is needed.

Another Democrat President, Bill Clinton, had multiple opportunities to kill Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of 9/11, before that sunny Tuesday morning 22 years ago today. But he didn’t. He was afraid to lead. As a result almost 3,000 men, women and children died that day and thousands more in the wars that followed.

We need a true leader back in the White House.

Are you helping to make sure that happens in 2024? Before it’s too late?

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