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Trump Urges GOP on Leveraging Govt Shutdown

Once again, the Republican Party could benefit from learning a thing or two from the 45th (and hopefully 47th) President of the United States.

As another government shutdown looms, the GOP appears to be showing signs of caving to pressure once more, rather than standing by their convictions and fighting against the Democrats’ egregious government spending and blatant abuse of power. Since the House of Representatives is the only part of the federal government currently under the control of the GOP, they have no choice but to use this majority as effectively as possible, and if that means shutting down the government in order to shut off the Democrats’ nonstop spending, then so be it.

President Trump is well aware of the necessity of this, and has urged the Republicans to stand strong and not back down. After all, Kevin McCarthy owes his majority – and his speakership – to President Trump’s efforts in the 2022 midterms. If he falters now [1], he will be failing to keep even the most basic promises that he made in his bid to become Speaker, and conservatives in Congress like Matt Gaetz will have no choice but to hold him accountable as well.


Trump Urges GOP on Leveraging Govt Shutdown

By Eric Mack

As House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., struggles to hold up to the fiscal conservative demands to pass individual appropriation bills, former President Donald Trump weighed in with a measure that resonates with McCarthy’s House GOP opposition.

“A very important deadline is approaching at the end of the month,” Trump wrote in a Truth Social post [2] Wednesday night. “Republicans in Congress can and must defund all aspects of Crooked Joe Biden’s weaponized Government that refuses to close the Border, and treats half the Country as Enemies of the State.

“This is also the last chance to defund these political prosecutions against me and other Patriots. They failed on the debt limit, but they must not fail now. Use the power of the purse and defend the Country!”

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., a vehement McCarthy critic, shared Trump’s message, urging his House GOP colleagues to “hold the line” against a continuing resolution (C.R.) to help Democrats keep the government funded at the existing levels.

“Trump Opposes the Continuing Resolution,” Gaetz posted on X [3]. “Hold the line.”

Republicans controlled the House, Senate, and the White House during the Trump administration when the government was shut down for a record 35 days over the Christmas break from December 2018 to January 2019.

That fight was over funding for Trump’s border wall, and Republicans were effectively rolled by Democrats in blocking border-wall funding that ultimately had to be earned through myriad court battles, Trump lamented in past rally speeches.

McCarthy says Republicans are “very close” on a short-term C.R., [4] predicting he would be able to advance other longer-term spending legislation.

To avert a government shutdown Oct. 1, the House and the Democrat-led Senate must agree on short- or long-term spending legislation that President Joe Biden can then sign into law. But the partisan measures that Republicans hope to begin passing soon face stiff opposition from Democrats in the Senate and from the White House.

Republican hardline conservatives want assurances that fiscal 2024 appropriations will not exceed a 2022 top line of $1.47 trillion — $120 billion less than McCarthy and Biden agreed to in May.

Congressional Republicans need to get tough against Biden’s open borders and funding for illegal immigration, Trump said in a Dubuque, Iowa, stump speech [5] Wednesday.

“I’m calling on congressional Republicans to ban Joe Biden from using a single taxpayer dollar to release or resettle illegal aliens into the United States, effective Sept. 30,” Trump said.

“The Republicans are very good people but, honestly, they have to get tougher. They’ve got to get tougher because they’re fighting a fight that – these other people, they are dirty fighters; these are dirty people. The time for talk is over now is the time for action. We need action.”

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