Do you recognize the country we live in? I don’t.

Pick any aspect about life in America today and contrast it to how things were 10 years ago. Or just 5 years ago.

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This isn’t about rose-tinted nostalgia. This isn’t some hazy distortion of how things were looking back. It is the result of a demonstrable subversion and destruction of our way of life, from what our schools teach to our children, to what the streets of formerly great cities New York look like. Or even what life in the nation’s Capitol is like today.

Washington is an amazing city. For a young nation bereft of medieval cathedrals or millennia-old pyramids, it is our gem. From the quaint Victorian streets just over the river in Georgetown, to the national monuments to Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln and its many theaters and museums, it is a small but worthy political hub for the greatest nation on Earth.

Today it is a veritable hell-hole.

Just asked Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar, who was just carjacked at gunpoint by 3 young black men, right outside his apartment. Or ask the victims of the more than 700 other carjackings that have occurred in the nation’s capitol just this year.

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Or ask the families of the record 200-plus murder victims killed already this year. This year.

All this in Washington. Not Baltimore, Chicago, or in Philadelphia, the city of “brotherly love,” where the reporter Josh Kruger was shot 7 times in his home the very same night Congressman Cuellar was carjacked.

Kruger’s death is all the more poignant given his journalistic crusade to undercut any representation of his hometown as a city crippled by crime.

Some of his tweets before his was killed include comments such as: “Some idiot just said you’re likely to get shot and killed than die of COVID in Philly.” Another of his tweeted responses read: “Bro speak for your block, mine isn’t “ruined.”

And then the most ironic of all, Kruger’s sarcastic social media post “Look, it’s that lawless land of liberals in Philly where shootings are … dropping to levels not seen in years.”

May he rest in Peace. After being shot 7 times. In his home. In a city run by Democrats. The same city where Biden stood in front of Liberty Hall to call million of Americans fascists.

I guarantee you Kruger’s killer, or Congressman Cuellar’s armed carjackers didn’t vote for my former Boss, President Trump. They hate America. Like the politicians who are running the United States into the ground.

Do you remember when we actually had a secure border, when our nation was sovereign, when we decided who crosses onto our land? I do.

I was part of an administration that made that possible, led by a man who was elected, in large part, because of his campaign-promise to “Build the Wall.”

From one of our first actions to halt travel by foreigners to the US coming from the 7 nations the Obama Administration had identified as being incapable of proving their travelers were not terrorists, to the use of extraordinary public-health powers under Title 42, to halt immigration down to a trickle once we were threatened by the spread of COVID-19 from China. That was a scant 4 years ago.

What have those who now in power wrought in the name of social justice, but really with the goal of maintaining power after millions of minority illegals are amnestied?

The Biden-Mayorkas open borders regime has resulted in more than 10,000 illegals crossing into America on one day. More than 60% of the women and girls trafficked being raped or sexually assaulted. What happens then? According to one news report from Minnesota, the male illegals decamp to a suburban home where they keep an 11 year old girl tied to a bed and rape her. Repeatedly.

Yes. That happened in America.

I could go on.

I could describe how American girls are being raped in high-school by “transgender” illegal immigrant “students.”

Or how parents are being targeted for investigation as “radicals” by the FBI because they are Catholic or don’t want their children to be sexually groomed at school.

I could play you the clip of the out-going Chairman of the Joint Chiefs calling the 45th President of the United States a “wannabe dictator.” The same Chairman of the Joint Chiefs who colluded with the Chinese military to warn them if America’s Commander-in-Chief were to go to war. Now that is the definition of treason, committed by the highest-ranking officer in our Armed Forces.

I could speak of the political prisoners kept in solitary without bail for years because they didn’t kill anyone or steal anything on January 6th but because they voted the wrong way.

Or I could mention the fact that the leader of the opposition, a man polling ahead of the current White House incumbent is facing 700-plus years in prison. Why? Only one reason. Because he’s running for re-election, and winning.

No, I think you understand. I’ve said enough.

Do you want America back?

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