A common refrain used by the Left in its support of “Palestine” is to claim that most of the people living there do not really support the terrorist group Hamas, and that they are simply innocent civilians trying to survive.

But a new poll taken by a firm based out of the West Bank proves that the exact opposite is true. It reveals that a staggering 87% of the population in the West Bank supports Hamas and its terror campaign against Israel, as well as ongoing threats against the United States and the rest of the West.

Make no mistake: Hamas is able to commit such atrocities because it knows it has the full support of the civilian population. The entirety of the so-called “Palestinian” population wants Israel to be destroyed, and thus also oppose us because we defend Israel’s right to exist. It is an existential, civilizational war, and the population of “Palestine” understands that. It is incumbent upon us to come to the same realization and start treating this conflict with the severity it deserves.


Shocking New Polling Out of Gaza and the West Bank Blows Up the Mainstream Narrative

How many times have you heard some politician or press member state that “Palestinians don’t support Hamas” over the last month? Probably more times than one can count, but is that true? That’s a question that is answered by a new poll out of Gaza and the West Bank, and the results are both shocking and deeply disturbing.

We’ve known from the beginning that many supported the October 7th massacre carried out in Israel by Hamas. In the immediate aftermath, celebrations broke out as bodies and hostages were paraded through the streets. We also know that civilians took part in those attacks, both with violence and looting.

But just how many are actually supportive of the wholesale slaughter that took place? Now, we have some hard numbers, and they blow up the predominant narrative.

These numbers aren’t even close. The vast majority of Palestinians not only have a positive view of Hamas, but they support the terrorist government’s atrocities. They also seem to resent Iran for not providing them with more material support in their attacks against Israel.

Is this poll reliable? There’s reason to believe it is. Namely, because it was taken by a firm out of Ramallah in the West Bank. The poll shows a far higher approval for Hamas than the Palestinian Authority, with the latter actually being viewed negatively overall. That heavily suggests there was no government influence impacting this poll. Further, more people in the West Bank support Hamas than in Gaza, a result you wouldn’t see if the poll wasn’t an honest representation.

So what does this tell us? It tells us that the Western idea that those in Gaza and the West Bank are just liberal-minded adults longing for a secular utopia is incredibly naive. Call it brainwashing and victimhood, but the fact remains that well over a super-majority, including 87 percent of the West Bank, openly support Hamas and the group’s brutal terrorism.

What do you do with that? How do you make peace with that? The unfortunate answer is that you can’t. This is the reality of Israel merely existing, and the only response understood is force.

The dynamics in Gaza and the West Bank are just different than other parts of the Middle East. Most Iranians genuinely want the Mullahs gone and to live as part of the modern world. Most Syrians genuinely want a secular nation, which is why so many see Assad as the lesser of two evils over the Islamist “rebels.” Those who wave the Palestinian flag are built differently, though, and I don’t think their minds are going to be changed.

I’m not suggesting you treat every civilian as a terrorist. Having reprehensible views shouldn’t alone amount to a death sentence. What I am suggesting is that Israel has to destroy Hamas. There is no moderation coming that will make the terrorist government’s existence tenable. That’s the sad reality of the situation.

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