As the new Speaker of the House, Louisiana’s Mike Johnson has a lot of work to do in order to prove that conservatives made the right choice in electing him. But on Tuesday, he took one big step in the right direction.

Speaker Johnson voiced his clear support for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign in 2024, something that his predecessor, the disgraced Kevin McCarthy, never did.

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“I’m all in for President Trump,” said Speaker Johnson on CNBC, adding “I expect he’ll be our nominee,” and that “we have to make Biden a one term president.” 

It was a simple, straightforward endorsement. But everything Speaker Johnson said is true: The four years under President Trump were some of the most prosperous and peaceful years that America has ever known, and only his leadership can bring us back from the brink of disaster after four years of the Biden regime.


‘All In’: Speaker Johnson Reveals His Endorsement For President

By Henry Rodgers

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Speaker of the House Mike Johnson endorsed former President Donald Trump during a Tuesday morning television appearance, saying he is “all in” for Trump to be the 2024 GOP nominee.

Johnson was asked on CNBC who he would be endorsing as the Republican nominee for 2024. He did not hold back his support for Trump.

“I have endorsed him wholeheartedly. Look, I was one of the closest allies that President Trump had in Congress. He had a phenomenal first term, those first two years, as you all know, we brought about the greatest economic numbers in the history of the world, not just the country, because his policies worked and I’m all in for President Trump,” Johnson said.


.@SpeakerJohnson: “I’m all in for President Trump. I expect he’ll be our nominee…we have to make Biden a one term president.”

— MAGA War Room (@MAGAIncWarRoom) November 14, 2023

“I expect he’ll be our nominee. Yeah. And he’s gonna win it and we have to make Biden a one-term president,” he added. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Trump Rips RNC, Says They Have To Stop Debates)

Johnson served on Trump’s impeachment defense team and has been a staunch supporter of the former president.

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