The power of “narrative” over facts is undeniable.

The Third Reich Minister for Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, is alleged to have said that “a lie told often enough becomes the truth.” This phenomena is undoubtedly verifiable. Recent history demonstrates this, sadly, to be the case.

How often, for example, were we told that taking the COVID vaccine would prevent you from not only contracting the virus but also from even transmitting the disease to others. This was repeated ad nauseam by the likes of Rachel Maddow and even the man who called himself the embodiment of Science itself, Anthony Fauci. It became an article of faith. Everyone must get the shot lest someone’s grandma dies. It was the truth. Until it wasn’t.

The same happens everyday in politics. Lies repeated so many times that they are later treated as “fact.”

Perhaps the most obvious example in America in the modern age, is the infamous “Big Lie” that is the Southern Strategy.

According to this fabrication, the Democrat Party, the party most responsible for heinous Jim Crow laws and the murderous KKK, magically “switched” to not being collectively bigoted, as the Southern states “turned Republican” in the latter half of 20th century as part of some diabolical plot orchestrated by the Machiavellian Richard Nixon.

Of course, this is obviously absurd on the face of it, since the internal logic of this attempt to whitewash the racist history of the Democrats is self-contradictory. According to the Dixiecrat theory, you are supposed to believe that the states of the South turned Republican and therefore more racist in the aftermath of emancipation and the success of the Civil Rights movement, that they became more racist as they acquiesced to equality for all?

For a full and devastating dismantling of the Southern Strategy  lie, which is nothing more than an attempt by the Left to bury its hatred of black America, see this masterpiece by Dinesh D’Souza and watch Dr. Carol Swain’s short PragerU video. But this isn’t the worst example of a racist switcheroo.

The “racism of the Right” is now a trope, a canard that informs mainstream information flow, from CNN, the Washington Post, to late night “comedy” shows.

I should know, since I served in an Administration that was labeled as riven by racism from the start. And worst of all, as being Anti-Semitic.

The Trump White House was calumnied incessantly not only Anti-Semitic, but also as being full of White Supremacists and actual Nazis, myself included. This despite the fact that the President’s daughter is a convert to Judaism, his grandchildren are Jewish, and, in my case, I have been a staunch philo-Semite my whole career, and my father actually protecting the Jews of Budapest during its Nazi occupation.

These facts do not matter. Nor did the fact that after 23 years of broken promises by President after President, it was Donald Trump who finally took the bold step to move the American embassy to Jerusalem and to recognize that city as the capital of the eternal Jewish state.

But the lies stop now.

Because there can be no doubt where Jew-hatred find its home in America today. It’s not at Mar-a-Lago, or amongst MAGA-hat wearing Trump rally attendees. It’s not on Newsmax, the pages of Breitbart, or carried in the Conservative radio shows that dominate the airwaves. After what happened to Israel on October 7th, no one can say Jew-hatred is a Conservative trait.

Since more than 1,400 Jews were murdered in Israel, babies, concert-goers and grandmothers, the dark Anti-Semitism of the Democrats is undeniable.

Whether it’s on the streets of New York, with an open call for the globalization of slaughter of the Intifada, on the campus of NYU where Democrat activists rip down posters of the missing children kidnapped by Hamas terrorists, or on the walls of the most expensive college in America, named after our first President, with messages projected calling for the destruction of Israel.

Don’t make excuses that these are just “useful idiots” or ignorant kids. It is the Democrat party itself, with leading lights like Rashida Tlaib incapable of condemning the slaughter of Jewish babes, or her squad-mate Ilhan Omar, who refused to agree with the statement that Israel has the right to defend itself against terrorist slaughter.

The Jew-haters live on the Left.

They did a switcheroo and tried to make you believe they didn’t.

Now everyone knows the undeniable Truth.

Stand with the Jewish People.

I do.

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