They say “perception is reality.” Not quite.

But what someone thinks is true will shape their behavior, even if it isn’t actually true.

If that weren’t the case, billions of dollars wouldn’t be spent annually on marketing and advertising products and services you don’t actually need but which “consumers” have been convinced they can’t live without.

The same goes for the world of politics. There are perceptions, and then there is the reality. And knowing the difference between them in 2024 will be crucial.

So let’s start with that awful word: “narrative,” because the historic Presidential election this year will be driven by whether existing false representations of Left and Right can be broken.

The conventional wisdom, the DC narrative about Left v. Right has been boiled down for decades as: “the Democrats care about the little guy, for minorities and women” and “Republicans are mean, selfish, greedy and elitists who look down on the working man.” Then 2016 happened.

Incredibly, a billionaire reality-TV superstar real-estate mogul came out of nowhere with a message about the “forgotten men and women” who had been betrayed by both parties and about how we have to “Make America Great Again.” And Donald Trump won, the first time he ever ran.

Clearly the establishment narrative had failed the Left. So, what was to be done? Up the ante. With the violent support of astro-turfed, so-called, social justice “movements” like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, the spin-doctors, talking heads, and communication “experts” decided to go all the way.

Building upon Hillary Clinton’s original dehumanizing language of the “Deplorables,” which itself was a version of Obama’s “bitter clingers” slur, the Biden regime and its lacks doubled down. Instead of deplorable hicks who loved their Bible and their guns, the language switched to something much darker.

If you were one of the 60 million-plus Americans who originally voted for the billionaire from Queens, or the 70 million-plus who voted to re-elect him 4 years later, you were a threat. From his fascistic red-lit Marine Corps propped-up speech in front of Liberty Hall, to his speech Monday at the site of a church shooting which – strangely occurred under Obama’s presidency, not Trump’s – Biden has you as a MAGA-extremist, a domestic terrorist driven by White Supremacy. President Trump is described as an authoritarian who admires Mussolini, reads Mein Kampf, and is readying himself to establish a dictatorship.

This is all very strange, given that the man in question has already been President and took none of the actions we are told he is obsessed with when he already was in office. Instead of being a fascist or a Nazi, or a White-Supremacist, he was the most philo-semitic President since 1948, a man who recognized Jerusalem and moved our embassy there, after 3 previous Presidents were too afraid to. As to White Supremacy and general bigotry? In addition to black and gay cabinet members, President Trump initiated unprecedented justice and penal reforms to help minorities, in addition to historic support to black colleges and universities.

So, who are the fascists?

Who deployed the FBI to raid Mar a Lago, the residence of a former President? Which administration arrested former Assistants to the President for “contempt of Congress?” Whose DOJ targeted a former President’s lawyers, including the former Mayor of New York? Whose FBI surveilled Catholics for being “traditional?” Who sentenced January 6 demonstrators for 20+ years for trumped up “obstruction of an official proceedings” charges? Whose DOJ used illegal surveillance 200,000+ times against innocent Americans? Whose Federal Air Marshals tracked Trump supporters simply because they support the former President? Un-elected judges of which political persuasion are trying to take President Trump off the 2024 ballot? And which side has raised indictments totaling more than 730+ years in prison against the leader of the Opposition?

Yes, America is facing the threat of fascist dictatorship. But it’s already here. The Fascists are the Democrat Party and the Biden regime.

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