I’m not really a social animal.

I love being with my family, our three dogs, and staying home. Whilst I’m not quite at the level of Jean-Paul Sartre’s “Hell is other people,” I am very satisfied not to “be seen” with the “beautiful people,” or otherwise hobnobbing. But sometimes my wife will challenge my hermitic tendencies and drag me out to see people.

And so it was that we spent a surprisingly delightful several hours at my former publisher’s Christmas party. Why “delightful” given my misanthropy? Because there was no small talk involved. I can’t abide small talk. In fact, I only spoke to three people the whole night.

I spent at least the first 40 minutes speaking to my host about the trials and travails of being a Conservative book publisher. At one point I felt a tad awkward, seeing he was the host and it was a big party with other people for him to talk to, but I didn’t let my monopolizing the host get to me because the conversation was so delightful as it was with a great Christian man who loves our country and who has raised an amazing family.

Then my second interlocutor was a German novelist who knew of my Hungarian background and therefore regaled me with his experience recently of traveling in the nation of my forefathers.

He gushed over Viktor Orban and his defense of classic Conservative values. I felt it my duty – having worked for Orban in the 1990s as one of his National Security Advisers when ran a small opposition party – to disabuse my fellow party-goer of his unfettered belief in the Prime Minister of Hungary.

For whilst he originally stood up to the Soviet occupational forces in 1989 and today resists the Socialism of the European Union, Orban has allowed power to corrupt him and is geopolitically in bed with the world’s largest Communist dictatorship today. I know it was a Christmas party, held at a time of joy and peace to all, but I cannot stand Conservatives in America praising a regime they know so little about so I did my duty to tell the Truth about a man who should not be held up as a role model for our movement. Then came my last conversation of the night.

It was with a gentleman I have seen at mass ever since we moved to America 15 years ago but never had the opportunity to really talk to. He knew I had worked in the White House for President Trump but didn’t know what I do today, so I told him about my daily radio show, America First, and my weekly TV show The Gorka Reality-Check on Newsmax. Then we talked about my former boss, the President, and my fellow parishioners only had 2 questions for me.

The man I was talking to is a great pro-life proponent, and he wanted me to tell him whether or not President Trump is actually on the side of the unborn.

Honestly, I find Conservatives asking me this question rather strange. I was born a cradle-Catholic 53 years ago and I believed I would go to my grave with Roe v. Wade on the books. It is now dead and more than 30,000 babies have already been saved. How did that happen? Because a man called Donald John Trump nominated three Associate Justices to the highest court in the land, stood by them as the Left attempted to destroy them, and after they were confirmed, they struck down a law that has facilitated mass murder for half a century. Oh, and that man is also the only President in history to address the March for Life in person. So, yes, he believes and is more pro-life than any political leader based solely on his actual achievements. His second question? Can President Trump win?

Well, he did win already. And in quite a remarkable way. Without ever having run for President before, in fact, without ever having run for any public office, Donald Trump ran against a member of a political dynasty and defeated Hilary Clinton. Then, shockingly, despite being smeared for 4 years incessantly, as a a bigot, “Russian colluder,” a white supremacist, and an antisemite, the President garnered 10 million more votes the second time around, increasing significantly his share of the black and Hispanic vote, and only lost in an election where tens of millions of ballots were mailed out under the cover a Chinese virus and less than legal means were used to subvert the probity of the ballot, and the Democrats admitted it.

So the answer should be rather, can Biden stay in office?

With the war in Europe, War in the Middle East, rising inflation, 7% mortgage rates, expensive gasoline, 8 million illegals that we know of, and rampant crime in Democrat cities, surely we simply have to raise the question Ronald Reagan asked Americans in 1980 “Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?”

If only it were so simple.

If the election were today, Biden would lose. The Left knows that. And that is why they are trying to remove him illegally from primary ballots and why he is facing hundreds of years in prison on false charges from New York to Atlanta and DC.

Of course, President Trump can win. Will they let him is the real question.  

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