They desperately want to stop him. They want him in prison or worse. They call his supporters MAGA Extremists. But it just doesn’t matter. In fact, it makes President Trump stronger than ever. Iowa is proof.

Lowest temperatures in state caucus history. Snowstorms to boot. It didn’t matter. President Trump trounced all challengers with the biggest win in the Hawkeye state history, 51%, 98 of 99 counties.

Why? Easy. Two reasons.

The first is the one Ronald Reagan taught us in 1979 in his race against the then, at the time, worse President. The Gipper asked one simple question: Are you better off than you were 4 years ago? It worked then, and it’s working now.

Just remove politics from the the equation for a moment. Pick any aspect of government and ask Reagan’s question.

How’s the economy? Miss $1.98 gas prices? Shocked by 7% mortgage rates? What about crime? Fed up with hardened recidivist criminals walking free thanks to Democrat prosecutors and “Defend the Police” mayors? What about immigration? Had it with drone footage of hordes of illegals crossing the border daily, especially if you immigrated legally? Or what about the state of the world? After 4 years of peace under the 45th President, are you shocked by Biden’s surrender in Afghanistan, war in Ukraine, war in Israel, and the Iranians attacking US ships?

Right now, the 2016-2020 years look mighty good.

Then there’s the more important reason: Saving America.

The return of President Trump is being labelled by the “elite” as a fall into fascism, a dictatorship just over the horizon. Which is strange given that he already was President and didn’t do any of these things:

  • He didn’t call half of America “extremists” simply because they love America
  • He didn’t use the FBI to raid his predecessor’s private residence
  • He didn’t arrest, leg-shackle, and strip search a former presidential aide to his predecessor
  • His federal agencies didn’t illegally surveil innocent Americans more than 200,000 times
  • He didn’t sentence January 6 “insurrectionists” to more than 20 years in prison despite them not even being in Washington DC on that fateful day
  • He isn’t trying to illegally remove his political challenger’s name from election ballots
  • And he didn’t array a number of charges against the current Leader of the Opposition that totals more than 730 years in prison.

Biden and the Democrats did all of the above and much more. And now they are openly discussing using the military to counter the will of the American people should they choose to put President Trump back in the White House. That is why Iowa. That is why the nomination is President Trump’s after one caucus, and has been his ever since he announced it from Mar-a-Lago over a year ago.

We’ve heard the cliché too many times to count: “This election is the most important in your lifetime!” This time it’s true.

If the millions of illegals are amnestied by the Democrats, turned overnight into indentured voters, if the FBI, DoJ, Jack Smith, Fani Willis, Judge Engoron, and Judge Chutkan can get away with using the awesome power of the state for transparent political purposes, if ballots can be cancelled unilaterally by Democrat-nominated judges or unelected secretaries of state, then we will have arrived at America as police-state. That is why even Iowa – which chose Ted Cruz in 2016 – wants Trump back. They want to be prosperous again. They want their families to be safe. And they don’t want to lose America.

That’s what happened last night. And these are the stakes.

Are you part of Making America Great Again, again?

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