No matter what they keep throwing at President Trump, he only gets stronger over time. Even the most mainstream polls are forced to admit to this fact.

In the most recent example, a poll by Morning Consult found President Trump leading Joe Biden by decisive margins in every single swing state: North Carolina, Nevada, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. If he were to win these states, he would score an electoral college victory of 312 votes, an even bigger landslide than his performance in 2016.

Whenever you need a reason for why the Left is panicking, resorting to such desperate measures as the numerous witch-hunt indictments or flooding our country with millions of illegal aliens in the hope of transforming them into loyal Democratic voters, just look at the latest polls. MAGA 2.0 is ascendant, President Trump is the clear frontrunner, and the momentum is entirely on our side.


Trump Leads Biden In ALL SEVEN Swing States

By Jack Montgomery

Donald Trump now leads Joe Biden in all seven swing states by margins of up to ten points. Nationally, Trump leads the incumbent by six points, according to Morning Consult, with his lead increasing to nine points when third-party candidates are taken into account.

Trump’s strongest lead over Biden is in North Carolina, where he is ten points clear of the 81-year-old Democrat. He also holds strong eight-point leads over Biden in Nevada and Georgia, five-point leads in Wisconsin and Michigan, and three-point leads in Pennsylvania and Arizona.

Previous polling found Trump ahead of Biden by two points nationally, with a 12-point advantage among Independents. The new results suggest Biden is not improving his position.

The Democrat’s mismanagement of the southern border crisis appears to be particularly damaging for him, with six in ten respondents holding him responsible for the situation.

On Tuesday, House Republicans approved articles of impeachment against Biden’s Cuba-born Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, for failure to comply with the law and breach of public trust.

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