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Senate border bill would allow 8,500 illegal aliens per day

Everything they have said about the disastrous Senate border bill is not only true; the reality of the bill is even worse than the most dire of warnings.

The bill, which is being negotiated partially by so-called “Republican” Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma, allows for as many as 8,500 illegal aliens to cross the border per day before the Secretary of Homeland Security would be “required” to declare an emergency. The bill also gives much broader authority on the border to the DHS Secretary, even as the current secretary, the disgraced Alejandro Mayorkas, is facing impeachment in the House of Representatives specifically because he is failing to do his duty.

Among other provisions, the bill would also give sole legal discretion over any further challenges to border security to the U.S. District Court for Washington D.C., the most far-left and anti-constitutional court system in the country. Under this bill, the same court that has locked up thousands of innocent Americans without due process, targeted Trump Administration officials, and blindly rubber-stamped the entirety of Biden’s agenda would have sole legal jurisdiction over border disputes.

We already have as many as 40 million illegals [1] in the country already. We cannot afford even one more, let alone 8,500 on a daily basis. Speaker Mike Johnson is right; this atrocious excuse for a bill must be killed as quickly as possible.


‘Internet Rumors’ Proven True: Border Bill to Allow 8,500 Migrants per Day

By Bradley Jaye

Sometimes you can believe what you read on the internet.

The authors of the border bill repeatedly assured Americans that their bill would not permit 5,000 migrants or more per day, attributing those claims as “internet rumors” and “absolutely absurd.”

“Right now, there’s Internet rumors,” Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) told [2] Fox News Sunday on January 28 when speaking about the claim. “It’s all that people are running.”

“It would be absolutely absurd for me to agree to 5,000 people a day,” he said.

Those internet rumors appear to possess more truth than Lankford. The numbers allowed per day are even worse than in the leaked details of the bill.

The bill would allow up to 8,500 migrants to cross the border in a single day without triggering the declaration of an emergency.

Sen. Mike Rounds (R-SD) went as far as claiming [3] Russian disinformation was behind these “rumors.”

“I suspect that a lot of the internet rumors are very well coming from overseas, where they would love to see this shut down because some people would rather not see funding for Ukraine,” he said.

Yet the bill text reads that the Secretary of Homeland Security “shall activate the border emergency authority if during a period of seven consecutive calendar days, there is an average of 5,000 or more aliens who are encountered each day; or on any 1 calendar day, a combined total of 8,500 or more aliens are encountered.”

The text seems to clearly contradict Lankford’s promises to the American people.

“This is not — this is not someone standing at the border with a little clicker and saying, I’m going to let one more in, we’re at 4,999, and then it has to stop,” Lankford added. “It is a shutdown of the border and everyone actually gets turned around.”

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