DeSantis is gone. Christie, Burgum, Scott, and Hutchinson are all gone. And if current polling is indicative of the primary voter preferences, Haley will be out before a catastrophically embarrassing loss in her own state of South Carolina.

Therefore, President Trump is the de facto GOP candidate, and given the latest head-to-head polls, he would beat Joe Biden if the election were today.

So if Jack Smith, Judges Engoron and Chutkan, Alvin Bragg and Fani Willis, and the rest of the Deep State Bureaucracy fail to neutralize President Trump and he wins, what then? What will a new administration, with President Trump as the 47th Chief Executive, look like, and who will man it? Here is one version of what we can expect.

Here are the names of those who have demonstrated their unswerving commitment to AMERICA First and who are the top-tier choices for MAGA 2.0 to Make America Great Again. Again.

(And yes, I know I have left out the VP slot. That’s because I am privy to the president’s choice for that position but not at liberty to reveal it just yet. But don’t worry, it’s an excellent choice!)

Stephen K. Bannon: Steve’s idea to create a long-range think tank, The Strategic Initiatives Group, next to the President, was a superb and much-needed asset. It’s destruction by traitors like Gen. John Kelly must be reversed. Will the master of the #WarRoom posse leave his daily show? Who knows. But fences have been mended between SKB and President Trump, and we need serious strategic minds in the West Wing.

Dan Bongino: The man chosen to host Rush Limbaugh’s show after his untimely death, gets MAGA and AMERICA First. As a former NYPD cop and US Secret Service (USSS) agent, he would be the perfect choice to take over and depoliticize the USSS. Or maybe even better, as an avid 2nd Amendment advocate, Dan should run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, in order to dismantle it.

Ben Carson: A great American and one of the most honorable members of the Trump cabinet. Dr. Carson should be appointed to a special position with the mission to cut the rot of transgenderism and ideological infection within the medical field.

Boris Epshteyn: Attorney to the President and former White House Special Assistant, Boris is perfectly positioned to run a team of attorneys and other experts mandated to neutralize the left’s use of unconstitutional lawfare to subvert the civil rights of Conservatives. Other team members should include Christina Bobb, Jesse Binnall, Ken Klukowski, Robby Starbuck, and John A. Zadrozny.

Gen. Mike Flynn: Given his persecution by the DOJ, FBI, and CIA at the hands of Jim Comey, Robert Mueller, and John Brennan, I am not sure this patriot would want to return to the position of National Security Adviser, but I know he would like to be in charge of guaranteeing subversive Never Trumpers such as Colonel Vindman and his ilk cannot penetrate a second Trump administration. In this position in charge of personnel, his deputy would ideally be John McEntee, the MAGA-loyalist who ran presidential appointments until he too was sabotaged by General Kelly.

Joe DiGenova: A former US Attorney for the District of Columbia and a fearless fighter against the Deep State, Joe is the man I would choose to support a new Attorney General in cleansing the DOJ of those who have used the awesome powers of the Department against those they politically disagree with. His wife and muse, Victoria Toensing, who served as Senior Senate Counsel to Barry Goldwater, is the perfect choice to do the same for the incoming CIA Director.

Newt Gingrich: Along with Victor Davis Hanson, the former Speaker is the man who best understands why America wants President Trump back and why MAGA so resonates with patriots from California to Florida. A great strategic mind and military historian, he understands how Obama and Biden have emasculated our military. With another great American, Dr. James Carafano, a West Point graduate horrified at what our officer corps has become, Newt should be tasked with ripping DEI, CRT, and all the other Neo-Marxist ideological diseases out of our system of Joint Professional Military Education.

Rudy Giuliani: America’s Mayor is an indefatigable fighter for the rule of law and justice. Rudy would be the perfect appointee for President Trump to task with using all the powers of the executive to dismantle the Defund the Police movement and support police departments that have been betrayed by their Democrat masters.

Alina Habba: Is there anyone who more deserves to be made White House Counsel in a second Trump presidency? If you have any doubts, just watch this video.

Victor Davis Hanson: There is no wiser strategic mind in America today. A man who has written a veritable library on military history and strategy, ‘VDH’ has been an outspoken supporter of the AMERICA First agenda and wrote a seminal book on why President Trump. I can think of no one better to chair the independent President’s Intelligence Advisory Board (PIAB) and advise a reconstituted Strategic Initiatives Group. Other members of the civilian board should include great strategic minds like Conrad Black and Elon Musk.

Jim Hanson: There are a handful of people who get MAGA, have served in the military, and speak out publicly about what Obama and Biden have done to our forces. Former Green Beret Jim Hanson is one of them. Make him the new Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations/Low intensity Conflict. Jim would fix our forces and know how to use them properly.

Hogan Gidley: So many choices for White House Press Secretary. It would be great to see Sean Spicer back at the podium. If he’s had it with the Swamp, Hogan would play with the Lying Legacy Media like a cat with a mouse. If Hogan feels like he’s done his time in the White House, the extraordinary journalist and truth-teller Rich Miniter would also be a great choice and fun to watch as he eviscerates the corporate propagandists daily.

Ric Grenell: He’s run the whole US Intelligence Community. He knows the corruption of the Globalist hydra from his time at the UN. Who better to be the President’s number one diplomat as Secretary of State? And if Ric wants another position give it to him, and President Trump’s former man in Jerusalem, Amb. David Friedman, would likewise be a superb choice.

Tiffany Justice: Along with her co-founder, Tina Descovich, Tiffany has helped take back local schoolboards across America with their national organization, Moms for Liberty. Tiffany, Tina, and Kim Fletcher, the head of the likewise unstoppable Moms for America would be the triumvirate placed inside the Department of Education to dismantle it.

Tom Homan: Former Director of ICE inside the Department of Homeland Security, Tom secured America for President Trump. He understands the threat of Mayorkas’ invasion of illegals. He is ready to replace the man who destroyed everything we did to stop the cartels and protect Americans. Under Tom’s secretaryship, Mark Morgan should reprise his position as Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection and initiate the mammoth project to deport every one of the millions of illegals Biden has let into the country as Mark says: “one at a time.”

Bernie Kerik: The former Commissioner of NYPD has been fighting with Rudy Giuliani against Deep State corruption for the last seven years. I would like to see him appointed as Special Prosecutor assigned to investigate who really instigated the January 6 riots and to identify and charge all and any DOJ, FBI, and CIA employees who politically targeted innocent Americans.

Kari Lake: We all hope that the woman who should be the governor of Arizona wins her Senatorial race. If she doesn’t, Kari is best positioned to be Assistant to the President countering election fraud, with Scott Pressler as one of her team members, a man who, in one month, as a private citizen, with his grass-roots organization, has done more to mobilize Republican voters than Ronna Romney McDaniel has ever done from her perch running the RNC.

Corey Lewandowski: A very wise man who never came into the Trump administration with a formal position, but who advised the President continually, I want to see Corey properly inside the West Wing this time as a tough-as-nails Chief of Staff. However, if he decides to stay outside—again—it should be Brooke Rollins, the CEO of the America First Policy Institute, who holds that position.

Robert Lighthizer: In my time inside the West Wing, as an observer of the Trade Council’s deliberations, I was regularly impressed by Ambassador Lighthizer and his willingness to battle with America Last globalists like Gary Cohen. He deserves a promotion a second time around and to be made Secretary of Commerce.

Stephen Miller: The brains behind the immigration policy that secured America and some of the best speeches President Trump has delivered, Stephen needs to come back to where he was, run the Domestic Policy Council, and fix everything the left has tried to destroy.

Stephen Moore: It’s time for Mr. “Trumponomics” himself to bite the bullet and come into government. Position? Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, of course.

Mark Meadows: President Trump’s former Chief of Staff and a founding member of the Freedom Caucus, he knows the inside story of America’s response to COVID. If it were up to me, Mark should be head of a new task force authorized to investigate the Wuhan leak and the culpability of Fauci for funding China’s only Level 4 military biolab.

Peter Navarro: The man most responsible for making President Trump’s trade war on our only strategic enemy, China, a reality, Peter should be promoted to Treasury Secretary and use his position to decouple America from the largest Communist dictatorship in the world, supported by Gordon Chang, another patriot who understands the existential threat posed by Beijing.

Devin Nunes: Chairman Nunes did more than anyone else to expose the Deep State and the Russian collusion hoax. Make him Director of Central Intelligence to rein in the CIA and fire all the political actors at Langley

Kash Patel: This is a tough one. Kash was such a utility-player for MAGA and AMERICA First, from chief investigator for Devin Nunes in Congress to Deputy Director of National Intelligence to Chief of Staff of the Pentagon, he could have his pick of national security positions. The most important mission for Kash? To clear out the DoJ of all the embedded political subversives. Or run the FBI, but with the task of dismantling the unsalvageable political police force it became under the “leadership” of Comey and Christopher Wray and parceling it’s counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and counter-organized crime missions to the DoD and the US Marshals.

John Ratcliffe: President Trump’s Director of National Intelligence should return to that position with one similar mission: dismantle that post-9/11 monstrosity and pare back our bloated intelligence community from 17 agencies to the six we actually need. (External Civilian, External Military, Counter-Terrorist, Counter-Intelligence, Signals and Satellite)

Vivek Ramaswamy: As an outsider MAGA politician who is an incredibly successful businessman, there is no better role for Vivek than to be the Jared Kushner of a second Trump administration as a special presidential appointee for business innovation and getting American manufacturing back on its feet after four years of Biden’s America Last policies.

Kurt Schlichter: While my friend Kurt may have been on the DeSantis train for a while, “Colonel K.” understands why America wants President Trump instead. He also knows just how badly Obama/Biden policies have decimated our warfighting capabilities. Kurt should be the man to rebuild them as the new Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness.

Robert Wilkie: The former Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness who rose to Secretary of Veterans Affairs under President Trump is a rare patriot, having not only served at the cabinet level but also in two of our armed services. (As well as in the Senate.) Secretary Wilkie understands what Reagan did to rebuild our military after the deleterious Vietnam years, and he has a plan on how to do that again after the destruction wrought by the Democrats. Make him Secretary of Defense.

Ryan Zinke: Just bring this former SEAL back to his position as Secretary of the Interior and thus send a sign to the Deep State that the good guys are back.

To those I have not mentioned, some of them friends—Amanda, Andy, and the rest of you, you know who you are—understand this is just the beginning. And I know some of you shun the limelight!

The most important thing to note right now: the Left has failed to intimidate good men and women who want to save America. We have the team.

Now it’s up to you to get President Trump re-elected.

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