The levels of authoritarianism to which the Left will resort today would make George Orwell believe that someone had written a better book than any of his works. One of the most seemingly absurd elements from Orwellian fiction is the concept of literally changing definitions and rewriting history to satisfy the wills of a regime.

That is exactly what Google just did in order to accommodate the media’s obsession with President Trump’s “bloodbath” remark.

While numerous dictionary definitions have explicitly stated that the word can refer to an economic disaster – the exact context in which President Trump used the phrase during a recent rally – Google has now completely changed its definition just to fit the media’s narrative that President Trump was allegedly calling for violence.

You may think you know just how evil our enemies are, until they do something even more sinister than previously thought possible, and far more blatantly than their more covert attempts at subversion and gaslighting.

If we do not win the war for the truth, then we will truly have nothing left.


Google Invents a New Way to Stick It to Trump

By Stephen Green

“When I tell you what a word means,” Google Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”

My apologies to the great Lewis Carroll for butchering his fine words to fit my theme, but that’s entirely the point of this column — and exactly what your betters at Google just did to our glorious English language. 

Everyone who has ever used, heard, or read the word “bloodbath” knows it has multiple meanings. And thank goodness for that, since literal bloodbaths (like the one Hamas committed in Israel on Oct. 7, 2023) are far more rare than the figurative kind (like Google just committed against the word “bloodbath”).

As you’re probably aware, Democrats and the Mainstream Media (but I repeat myself) have spent the last several days trying to convince the proles that when Donald Trump warned that a second Biden administration would lead to a figurative bloodbath against the U.S. auto industry, what he really meant was a literal bloodbath if Trump were to lose the election.

And Google is happy to help by scrubbing the internet of all but the literal definition of “bloodbath.”

Google just quietly changed its search results for “bloodbath definition”

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) March 21, 2024

My first thought when I saw End Wokeness’s tweet was to ask myself, “They couldn’t possibly be that blatant, could they?”

“This is Google,” was my second thought, “of course, they could be that blatant. I’d be shocked if they weren’t.”

Nevertheless, I briefly broke my boycott of All Things Google just long enough to check it out for myself. I use a solid VPN now (AdGuard VPN, highly recommended) so Google would have no idea who I was.

Sure enough, Google now claims there’s just one definition of “bloodbath.”

“An event or situation in which many people are killed in a violent manner.”

Worse, Google is defrauding its users. 

Google’s online dictionary boasts that its results are courtesy of Oxford Languages. These are the same people who publish the Oxford English Dictionary, which has long been the gold standard. The first time I ever saw an OED, it was a massive tome resting on its own special pedestal near the center of my high school’s library — aged and beautiful. I swear to you, the sun appeared to shine down upon it with a single beam that somehow penetrated the library’s roof and ceiling. 

But I digress.

If you go to the Oxford Languages website, you’ll find — behind a paywall, sadly — that “bloodbath” has no fewer than four meanings.

Google now only shows you one and has the temerity to tell you that it is the only definition according to the gold standard authorities at Oxford.

The company that owns more than 90% of the search market lies to and defrauds its users, all to push a political agenda and effectively steal an election. 

If you’re still using any of that vile company’s products or services… WHY?

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