Following President Donald Trump’s most recent appearance on “AMERICA First,” the mainstream media has already gone all-in on yet another blatant lie that involves completely reversing the President’s words into something he didn’t actually say.

At one point in the interview, which you can watch in full on Rumble, I asked President Trump about why the Democrats hate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu so much. In response, President Trump simply responded that this hatred is a reflection of the Left’s broader hatred of Israel.

But instead, the FakeNews media has spread lies about what the 45th President said, accusing him of somehow being anti-Semitic. But once again, the facts simply do not support this absurd and easily-debunkable lie. President Trump is objectively the most pro-Israel President in American history, keeping his promise to relocate the American embassy to Jerusalem, becoming the first sitting President to visit the Wailing Wall, and showing more support for Israel against its enemies than any of his predecessors.

The Democrats and their media mouthpieces are simply trying to do damage control in the aftermath of the October 7th attacks and amidst the ongoing war in Israel, which has been disastrous for them politically. Not only is it the latest foreign policy failure that exposes how weak Joe Biden is, but it has also created an irreparable rift within their own base, between establishment Democrats who still support Israel, and the far-left, anti-Semitic, progressive base that genuinely hates Israel. The only thing they have left is to try to pivot sloppily back to attacks on President Trump as a distraction.

Watch the full interview with the 45th – and, God willing, the 47th – President of the United States for yourself.