Ever since my time in the White House it has bothered me.

I know politics is filthy business. As my late father always used to say: “Politics: disgusting, but oh so fascinating.” True enough. But politics in the age of Trump is something else.

I was ready for personal attacks against me as Deputy Assistant to the President. Especially I was early on given the mandate to publicly justify and explain the President’s national-security travel ban. My dismantling of the legacy media narrative that our policy was somehow “racist,” as opposed to predicated on an Obama-era threat assessment concerning which nations were incapable of guaranteeing to us that terrorists weren’t traveling to the US from their territories, was clearly the “trigger” for a smear campaign that shocked even me.

Coming after a high-ranking White House official was, of course, expected. I was clearly a proxy for the man the establishment really hated. Just look at what they did to my Boss and his family, and are still doing today. But when “journalists” started to calumny my wife and my high school age son – calling him a “traitor” in one headline smear piece – even I was shocked. Who are these people, and why do they think a man’s family can be targeted over a difference in politics??

I know I have a certain reputation in the public sphere as a rather serious person. The British press labelled me President Trump’s pit-bull, and when the hosts of The Five were asked what tattoo they would get if they ever did, my former FOX News colleague Jesse Watters picked a portrait of me, since I am “the scariest man on television.” That’s a maybe. However, I am not made of stone and I still cannot fully internalize the levels of hatred demonstrated by the the Democrat Party, the media, and the Washington Establishment. But I have a theory.

I have said, for some years now, that the dividing line in America is no longer a party or political one. In fact, the labels of Republicans and Democrat, or even the broader taxonomy of Conservative versus Liberal, are utterly defunct. There is only one meaningful dividing line that separates one American from another, and it is predicated on love and hate.

Today our nation is split along the answer to one question: “Do you love America, or hate America?” Do you believe this is the greatest and freest nation ever created by man, a “shining city on a hill,” founded on unalienable rights derived from our being made “in the image of our Creator?” Or do you believe, as does the radicalized Democrat Party, that we are an intrinsically bigoted country riven through with neocolonial attitudes and run as a patriarchy where women and minorities are “oppressed?”

For the truth is, we are living in the most perverse of times, with an “elite” that truly hates the nation and the people over which they have power. Why else would our government open our borders, be fine with the more than 100,000 lives annually taken by the fentanyl and other drugs trafficked across the border? Or the murder of innocent 22-year old nursing students by illegals released by Democrat prosecutors? How else can you justify giving billions to our sworn enemies and deliberately infecting our armed forces with the sexually perverse and abnormal? In fact: what else would an administration do differently over the last three if its avowed goal were to destroy America? Think about it.

And then it hit me, thanks in large part to the fascinating interview I just did with the courageous California pastor Jack Hibbs. Why do they so hate President Trump, and why will they use any accusation and any tools against him, his family, and anyone who works for him? The elite hate President Trump so very much because he loves America. Is there anyone alive today who has sacrificed as much as this one man? Simply because he wants America to be “Great Again,” he is facing 700+ years in prison, has been fined half a billion dollars, and banned from doing business in the city he has brought billions of dollars to.

The good news? Hatred only gets you so far. Sooner or later the bile eats you up inside.

We will – eventually – win because our fuel is love: love of nation, love of family, love of country. But in order to start clawing back our Republic, we need President Trump back in the White House.

Because he actually loves America.

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