As an immigrant, I can’t believe it happened. Not once. But twice.

Just the sheer idea of being appointed by the President of the United States to work for him in the White House; well, that doesn’t happen elsewhere. The idea of immigrants being able to advise the leader of the nation: Only in America. That is America. And I still get chills from remembering walking around the West Wing the day after the Inauguration, January 2017, and only having sworn my oath to America and her Constitution 5 years earlier during my naturalization ceremony.

And serving as Deputy to the President for Strategy as an immigrant is just one version of the American Dream.

But then it happened again.

There is a body of the Defense Department which oversees education for our military, making sure that our warfighters are learning the subjects they need to best understand America’s enemies and prepare to defeat them. That body is the National Security Education Board, or (NSEB). And although I had left the White House to run my national radio show America First, in the Summer of 2020, President Trump gave me a second Presidential commission to be one of his appointees to the NSEB, and serve on the Pentagon board for a 4-year term mandated by the statute that created the advisory body.

Then, on Friday, I received an email from the Biden White House.

In it, someone called Guatam Raghavan, an Obama-flunky who is now Director of Presidential Personnel, demanded I resign from my Pentagon position by 5:00 PM, or I would be “terminated.”

The strange thing is, I’ve held that position for more than 3 years. Is the Biden Administration so incompetent that it takes them years to realize that a high-profile conservative, a former White House adviser to President Trump, is in a legacy position? Or is there something else going on?

I immediately emailed the White House my response:

From: Dr Sebastian Gorka

Date: Fri, Mar 22, 2024 at 1:23 PM

Subject: Re: Request for Resignation

To: MBX WHO PPO Process <[email protected]>

The federal Legislation relating to NSEB tenure does not allow for the incumbent Executive to terminate board members early.

I reject your illicit demand.



Dr Sebastian Gorka

(cc Counsel)

In other words, I’ll be at the next NSEB meeting with the illegally appointed Biden stooges, and I’ll see Biden in court.

In the meantime, there is what journalists call a “buried lede” to this tale.

Of course, trying to fire someone from a position they can’t be removed from before their tenure expires is just another example of how Democrats have utter contempt for the law and the Constitution. Just last week, despite the Supreme Court stating that he cannot do so, Joe Biden again wrote-off the student loans of people whose votes he wants to buy using your taxpayer money. 380,000 votes, all paid for by you.

And this isn’t just about Biden and the last 3 years. Remember what his old boss said, when challenged on his unconstitutional actions and not working with Congress to legislate “fundamental transformation?” He just replied, that he’s got a pen and a phone and he’s going to use it. Who cares whether it’s illegal?

But the real story here is not about my position. It’s about why now? Because Biden’s team know he’s going to lose. Just look at the polling and President Trump’s truly historic primary results, and his growing popularity among minority voters, especially black Americans. The Democrats are therefore on the run and subverting the system before they lose officially.

There is a term used by those who have worked in government and understand the depth and width of corruption across government. Before Obama ended his second term as President hundreds and thousands of his “Schedule C” political appointees were quietly converted into GS-scale civil servants all across government. This practice is called “burrowing:” turning political actors into permanent assets for the Democrat elite under the cover of being just “bureaucrats.”

Mine is a special case because I have a national platform to talk about how the Democrats are trying to subvert one government position. Joe Biden tried to fire me and failed. But his lackeys know President Trump is coming and they will try to not only subvert the election, but put their people in place if, God willing, the patriots win at the ballot box.

In the meantime, I’m off to frame my White House letter which certifies that I, Sebastian Gorka, am not “aligned with the values and agenda” of Joe Biden.

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