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President Trump posts $175 million bond

In another milestone in President Trump’s ongoing fight [1] against the Deep State and out-of-control prosecutors, the 45th president has posted his reduced bond of $175 million in a New York court.

This comes after his original bond of $454 million was reduced significantly following a ruling by an appellate court, which determined that corrupt Judge Arthur Engoron’s original bond amount was too excessive, thus marking one more instance of Engoron having a ruling overturned by a higher court. The bond allows President Trump to keep his company’s assets from being seized while he appeals Engoron’s crooked ruling of “guilty.”

President Trump has vowed to take his appeal all the way to the Supreme Court if need be, but his role in the fight is just one of many aspects to this fiasco, and all of the other witch hunts against him. The ongoing persecution [2], marked by such obscene financial penalties, is indicative of the Deep State’s efforts to make it impossible for anyone to work with President Trump, from potential business partners to lawyers who might seek to defend him.

This battle requires only the strongest fighters [3] who are prepared for the long haul. No battle is ever easy, but those who can remain by the President’s side the whole way through will prove themselves to be not only fighter for the truth, but truly worthy defenders of America itself.


Trump posts $175 million in New York civil case

By The Post Millennial

President Donald Trump has posted his $175 million bond in the civil case [4] brought against him in New York by Attorney General Letitia James. This was a reduced amount from $454 million originally sought by the AG, which was the judgment against him plus interest.

The payment of the bond prevents the state from going after Trump’s assets, such as his Westchester golf course, any of his Manhattan properties or even his Mar-a-Lago home. A three-judge panel is set to hear an appeal and will hear the case on the merits, Reuters reports. [5]

Trump was found guilty of inflating his assets in order to gain favorable loan terms which he then paid back with interest. The AG brought the case despite there being no plaintiffs. Banks with whom Trump did business on these deals have said they would readily do business with him again.

The GOP frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination appealed the higher sum but a court ruled on March 25 that he could pay the lower amount. 

Many, including Trump, have said that the case [6] was politically motivated. Trump faces four criminal trials as well, two brought by Biden’s Department of Justice, another brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and another by Fulton County DA Fani Willis. 

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