Not long ago, it was relatively easy to categorize the difference between our nation’s two parties.

Vituperation and partisan attacks aside, the Republicans were meant to stand for individual liberty, small government, free-market economics, and a strong national defense stance. For their part, the Democrats were meant to speak for and represent the working class, America’s minorities, the unions, and the disenfranchised. Not anymore.

I truly hope this piece makes it in front of those who have voted for the Democrat Party and who intend to vote for Joe Biden this November, because I want them to internalize, and then try and gainsay what I list below.

I dearly want one of them to email me, or better yet, call my national radio show on (833) 334-6752, and explain how these are not the policies and beliefs they support if they vote for Biden and his party once more.

What the Democrats are really for:

  • High Energy Prices: With Biden’s day one assault on fracking and oil exploration on federal lands, and his Administration’s ideologically motivated commitment to Electric Vehicles, any American who relies upon gasoline or oil for their work or home is under financial assault.
  • Open Borders: More than 8 million illegals have been “paroled” into the U.S. under the Biden deconstruction of the Trump era immigration regime. These individuals, smuggled most often by cartels which make billions off the state-sanctioned human trafficking, are not checked for COVID or other diseases. Instead, they are given planes tickets paid for by the U.S. taxpayer to live in any city they choose, and spending money in the thousands funneled from the U.S. government via the NGOs which facilitate the invasion.
  • Pro-Crime Prosecutors: From the U.S. Attorney for the nation’s capital who refused to even prosecute the majority of felonies in a city that saw 800+ carjackings just last year – who instead locked January 6th defendants away for years on misdemeanors charges – to the local Soros-funded DA’s who have instituted cashless bail, even for illegals who beat up officers on the NYPD, the whole of the institutional Left has taken the side of the criminal over the victim, even when it results in murder. The mainstream media doesn’t want you to know, but the illegal immigrant who was paroled into the U.S. under Biden’s new policies, and who killed beautiful 22-year old nursing student Laken Riley, had just been arrested in New York for endangering a child, but of course was released by the Democrat DA, so he could murder Laken.
  • Imprisoning the Leader of the Opposition: Donald Trump is beating the incumbent Joe Biden in every significant political poll. That is why he is facing 730 years in prison. The mere fact that Fani Willis’ lover and chief Trump prosecutor made numerous visits to the Biden White House, along with New York’s Letitia James – who campaigned on incarcerating the former President – is proof enough that this is a centrally orchestrated lawfare campaign against the only man who can unseat Biden. Add to that the fact that Alvin Bragg’s chief prosecutor in the Stormy Daniels case was sent there from the federal DOJ and had previously been a senior adviser to none other than Barack Obama, and you start to understand that these are all show-trials meant to steal the next election before even the first vote is cast.
  • Promoting Perversion: From giving interviews to “trans” women like Dylan Mulvaney, who are an affront to real women and who represent a parody of all the worst misogynistic anti-women tropes, to promoting Drag Queen recruiters for the U.S. Navy, and hosting topless trans activists at the White House, Joe Biden has chosen a side in the culture war. That side is the defined by the values of being anti-Christian and anti-family values. Why else would you issue a Presidential Proclamation on “Trans-Visibility” on Easter Sunday, the holiest  day of the year for Christians?
  • Helping our External Enemies: In addition to insulting and isolating our friends and allies – who can forget Biden’s State of the Union, hot-mic moment when he insisted that the Israeli Prize Minister have a “Come to Jesus” moment – why would you give millions of dollars to the terrorists who run Gaza, and billions to the theocratic regime in Iran that wishes to destroy both America and Israel? Unless you’re on their side?
  • Targeting Average Americans: Remarkably, few noticed the recent admission before Congress that Biden’s federal agencies illegally surveilled US citizens with warrant-less searches 250,000 times last year. Add to that the FBI tracking Catholics as a domestic threats simply because they are “traditional,” or imprisoning pro-life activists because they prayed outside an abortion clinic, and it seems obvious that it isn’t simply President Trump they wish to neutralize.

I could go on and on. But I don’t need to.

The Democrats have become a radical anti-American party of elitists interested in only one thing: Power. Call in, email me, tell me I’m wrong. But back it up. And if you can’t, then vote for the man they hate the most. Vote for Trump.

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