It is perhaps one of the biggest scandals of the Biden Administration yet, and it is all the more fitting that this one involves Biden doing the very thing that President Trump was falsely accused of doing.

Despite a portion of the recent $95 billion aid package being designated for providing further weapons to Israel to continue their fight against the jihadist group Hamas, it has since been revealed that the Biden regime has deliberately withheld shipments of crucial weapons and ammunition in an effort to pander to the increasing anti-Israel rioters across the country. This is after Biden already signed the aid package into law after Congress passed it.

President Trump was falsely accused and wrongfully impeached for allegedly trying to withhold aid to Ukraine in exchange for an investigation into the corruption of Burisma Holdings, the energy company where Hunter Biden was paid tens of thousands for a no-show job. But while President Trump had legitimate reasons for wanting to investigate the possible wrongdoings connected to the Biden family, Biden has no credible excuse for doing what he is doing; he is denying critical aid to our greatest ally in the Middle East just to placate mobs of college students and Islamic radicals who have pledged their allegiance to a foreign terrorist group.

This is just one more offense for which Biden could reasonably be impeached, as he is not only defying the law but betraying a crucial ally just so he can try to revive his own failing re-election campaign. He is treating massive foreign policy crises like political pawns and nothing more. He is not fit to lead this country or the free world anymore.


Axelrod: Biden Withholding Weapons for Partially Political Reasons Is Different from Trump Doing It

By Ian Hanchett

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “OutFront,” CNN Senior Political Commentator and former Obama Adviser David Axelrod stated that President Joe Biden threatening to withhold certain weapons sales to Israel if they invade Rafah is different from what 2024 Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump was impeached for because Trump was trying to go after his opponent. Axelrod also stated that Biden’s announcement isn’t due to “just the students protesting.”

Axelrod said that he personally feels “solicitude for the starving children of Gaza and civilians who are collateral damage in this war. And so, I accept the political calculus. I’ve lived in this world all my life. It’s also true that I think the President feels solicitude for these people. I don’t think it’s just the students protesting. He’s been talking about this for months. As for standing for Israel, when the bombs flowed in from — when the drones and the missiles flowed in from Iran, it was the United States who shot them down. He has provided most of the weaponry that is being used right now by the Israelis. He’s — and he did, as was pointed — as he pointed out, he went, and, yes, he hugged Netanyahu, and on that very day, he told them, don’t make the mistake we made, don’t pursue –.”

After Axelrod got cut off, CNN Senior Political Commentator Scott Jennings said that Republicans in Congress will “recall a time when we impeached the President of the United States for withholding military aid authorized by Congress from Ukraine, $400 million. That was the basis of the impeachment. This is congressionally authorized military aid to our ally and he is withholding it for political reasons.”

Axelrod countered, “The basis of that impeachment was that the President of the United States called the president of Ukraine, and he said, I want you to do me a favor and open an investigation on the person who I think may be my opponent in the next election. That was the basis for the impeachment.”

Jennings then cut in to say, “And he wants Israel to stand down on Rafah because his base is mad at him. What’s — it’s a political reason.”

Axelrod then said, after host Erin Burnett tried to cut in, “Scott, the analogy just doesn’t hold.”

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