This morning I received a text from someone I have never met. It read:

Hello Dr Gorka, I’m a reporter at the Washington Post and we are working on an article about how Donald Trump‘s messages on TruthSocial are communicated outside that particular platform by a key group of his like-minded supporters. 

You are one of the people whom our data team identified as a key individual (in addition to Mark Levin, Laura Loomer, and Gen Michael Flynn, among others) who helps DJT spread his messages to the wider world. 

We wanted to ask for your comment about that role, if you see it as necessary and how and why you do what you do with respect to his messages. 

We have identified some of Trump’s most popular sentiments as those around 2020 election fraud and 2024 election interference. 

Would you care to comment for the piece? 

Many thanks for considering it. -Sarah Ellison ([email protected]

This is not the first time I have been contacted on my private number by a member of the mainstream media. My responses are usually a variation on what I texted back to Ms. Ellison this morning:

You work for a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party and as such are a willing foot-soldier for an “elite” which hates Western Civilization and its apotheosis, the United States. 

Your pro-Hamas tweets evince as much. 

You are scum and a hack. 

Go to Hell. 

And you can quote me.

Now on first blush, this may seem a tad harsh.

It is not. Just think about it.

Whether it is WaPo, the NY Times, CNN, MSNBC, Newsweek, Time, or even NPR, think about what they have done as “journalists” in just the last few years.

From propagating the “Russia, Russia, Russia!” collusion hoax on behalf of Hillary Clinton, Biden and the Democrats, to incessantly labeling the proposition that COVID originated from the Chinese Army biolab in Wuhan as a “conspiracy theory,” or instead preaching to us that the COVID vaccines prevent the spread of the disease and your even catching it, they have zero integrity.

After willingly suppressing the real Hunter Biden “Laptop from Hell” story before the 2020 election, or propagating the “fine people on both sides” lie about Charlottesville to hurt President Trump, the mainstream legacy media have amply demonstrated that they are one of the most corrupt enterprises in modern America.

And Sarah Ellison is no exception.

Her X account is ample proof of the arrogance of today’s media. Full of attacks on President Trump, the man leading with American voters in the presidential polls, when not posting on the side of the pro-Hamas, pro-terrorist Jew-haters running amok on American campuses, she is an exemplar of a media that detests the United States, supports her enemies and has utter contempt for those who love the US.

My attitude to hacks like her has been the same since I worked in the Trump White House. And I never could comprehend the attitude of my fellow high-level political appointees who would work with the media industrial complex, giving them on-record, off-record, and “on background” access.

I would often ask them: “Why are you helping people and institutions who actually hate you, the man you work for, and the 63 million Americans who chose him as our President? (And I am disappointed and dismayed to see so-called “Conservative” media personalities post selfies last weekend from the White House Correspondents Association Dinner. Seriously? Why on earth would any patriot attend an event that is the greatest concentration of America-haters in tuxedos?)

It can’t be stated too often. America is split down the middle. Not along the political or tribal identity of Republicans versus Democrats. The dividing line is between those who love the greatest nation the World has ever seen, and those who hate it and are destroying it. If you are reading this, I believe you are in the former group.

But I ask you very sincerely, what are you doing to stop the other group from winning?

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