For decades they called us racists. Today they occupy campuses across America, calling black conservatives Uncle Toms and race-traitors.

For decades they’ve called us misogynists. Today they allow fake women into female restrooms.

For decades they’ve called us misogynists, but have opened the borders to a wave of illegal migration under which up to 60% of the women being trafficked into America are raped and sexually assaulted by the coyotes smuggling them into America.

For decades they said we were waging a “war on women.” This month they destroyed Title IX and thus destroyed the sports careers of millions of young women.

They say they’re saving the planet from environmental Armageddon. The electric vehicles and solar power systems they’re mandating require the mineral rape of the earth, the empowerment of Communist China, and the systemic exploitation of the developing nations where the essential rare earth minerals for the batteries and panels are mined.

For decades they labeled us racists, bigots, and even white supremacists. In the meantime, they have inculcated a whole system of racist ideology into our schools and government under the banner of Critical Race Theory which is predicated on the white-skinned Americans being inherent oppressors and all colored people being inherent victims.

They preach tolerance and acceptance, yet if you dare to question their ideological orthodoxy you must be cancelled.

They say we “deny science,” but think a magic gender incantation or chemical and surgical castration turns a man into a woman.

They say we “deny science,” but lectured us for 2 years that the COVID vaccine stopped the spread of the disease and protected you from ever catching it in the first place.

They call us conspiracy theorists for positing the “Lab Leak Theory,” yet it is now apparent that the disease originated from the Communist Army’s Level 4 bio-lab and not the Wuhan meat market.

They call us conspiracy theorists every day, but they still say Russia “stole” the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton.

They lecture us on President Trump being a “wannabe dictator” who wishes to create a police state, yet it is the current Administration which has charged the leader of the opposition with 730 years in prison and imprisoned his former White House staff for a misdemeanor Contempt of Congress charge.

They originally labelled Conservative media “FAKENEWS,” yet when Conservative outlets reported on the Hunter Biden laptop story, they used the FBI and DHS to suppress the story before the election via their Social Media lackeys in Palo Alto.

They said President Trump denigrated the vaunted U.S. Intelligence Community, yet the Deputy Director of the CIA and 50 other former CIA Directors and intelligence officers issued a statement labelling the Hunter Biden laptop story Russia disinformation when it was real.

They accused President Trump of colluding with Russia. Their Presidential candidate actually paid a former British spy to repackage fake Russia disinformation into a “dossier” with which to smear the future President and acquire secret FISA warrants to surveil members of his campaign and later his White House staff.

They daily lecture us about the “threat to democracy” if President Trump is re-elected, at the same time that Biden’s FBI is targeting innocent Catholics because they go to Latin mass or because they attend school board meetings as Conservatives.

Should I go on?

I could. And for much longer.

Stand up to those who hate America, hate you, and hate the very idea of Truth.

Before it’s too late.

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