Just one week after the New York verdict was returned against President Donald Trump, the court of public opinion has rendered its verdict as well: The persecution of President Trump is backfiring more spectacularly on the Democrats than anyone could’ve imagined.

First it was President Trump’s historic fundraising haul of over $200 million after the verdict, from small-dollar donors and deep-pocketed donors alike. Then it was the polls showing that President Trump’s lead in the swing states has not wavered.

Now, in the latest shocking poll result, even the blue state of Virginia appears to be up for grabs in November. In the latest Fox News poll, the state that Biden allegedly won by 10 points in 2020 is now dead-even, with both President Trump and Biden at 48% each.

Now more than ever, it is increasingly more likely that President Trump will not only win, but win in a landslide. It will be the greatest and most stunning rebuke of the Deep State since even the 2016 election; and the stakes are even higher now than they were 8 years ago.


Virginia May No Longer Be an ‘Easy’ Win for Joe Biden

By Sarah Arnold

President Joe Biden is losing steam in several states he secured during the 2020 election— making former President Donald Trump’s return to the White House more of a reality. 

According to a new Fox News survey, Trump and Biden are neck and neck among Virginia voters just five months before the November election. 

In 2020, Biden won the state by more than 10 points. However, four years later, he is tied with Trump at 48 percent. 

Voters under 30 and those 65 years of age and older were evenly split regarding support for the two candidates (48 percent.) 

The poll found that Trump holds the most support from White evangelical Christians (80 percent), rural voters (63 percent), and voters without a college degree (56 percent). 

Meanwhile, Biden holds just slightly more support among Black voters. However, that number has drastically decreased since his 2020 campaign. 

On the other hand, Trump’s support among Black Americans has nearly tripled since the last election four years ago, in which only nine percent voted for the 45th president in 2020. Flash forward four years, one bad economy, a wide open border, and crime at every U.S. corner, Trump now has 25 percent of support from Black voters. 

A survey conducted by Roanoke College’s Institute for Policy and Opinion Research also found that Trump and Biden are split among Virginia voters. 

The poll found that each candidate received 42 percent support from likely voters in the state. 

The data is important because Virginia has been historically seen as a safe win for Biden— up until now. 

Meanwhile, an FAU PolCom Lab/Mainstreet Research poll found that Trump and Biden are tied in key battleground states including Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. 

Trump leads Biden by one point among all voters and one point among likely voters. This is a massive jump from the 2020 election where Biden sailed to victory in the states, causing the president’s administration to panic with little to no time for the president to recover from these dismal polling numbers. 

In the predominantly Democrat state of Michigan, voters are indecisive about their vote at the ballot box this November. 45 percent of Michiganders support Trump and Biden. 

In Pennsylvania, Trump (45 percent) leads Biden (43 percent) by two points among all voters, and the 81-year-old president takes the lead against Trump— but only by two percentage points among all voters. 

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