Let’s get the the obvious out of the way.

Yes, the trial was rigged. From Judge Merchan reversing the order of final arguments before the jury, so the prosecution went last and could not be rebutted by the defense, to the outrageous and unprecedented instructions that all 12 of the jurors need not agree on the guilt of the defendant, the fix was in from the moment the Biden Administration’s No. 3 man at the DOJ magically appeared as a line prosecutor working for Alvin Bragg in New York.

Add to that the judge illicitly donating to the Biden campaign and an anti-Trump PAC, and his daughter raising $93 million off her father’s trial for the Democrats, this was a political operation not even thinly veiled as a judicial proceeding. A dark day indeed. (For my eye-witness story from how it looked on the inside, see the account of my day in court with the President.)

On the obverse, there are several conclusions which are also already clear but which bode very well for the President, his supporters, and all Patriots.

After the the verdict was reached, within minutes the Trump website crashed and stayed crashed for hours. Why? Was is hacked? Hardly. It crashed because of the overwhelming numbers of Americans who have had enough and wanted to donate to the President’s re-election campaign.

It is likely that in those few hours, the total amount he garnered will exceed his previous historic record of $34 million raised in one day. Strikingly as well, as you can see on my X feed, there are countless Democrats who have publicly stated that they too have donated to the Republican candidate, and have decided to vote for President Trump on November 5th.

At the moment, the President remains a free man who left the courtroom in his armored Secret Service SUV and motorcade, slept in his own bed last night, and will remain free until his sentencing, which will occur, of course, just 4 days before the Republican Convention. Politics again.

But whatever Juan Merchan doles out on sentencing matters not in any Constitutional sense, since the Democrat Party may be fueled by hatred and be well-organized, but they seem not to have done their homework.

There are only three requirements for any American to become President, beyond obviously winning the Electoral College vote. They are: 35 years or older, natural-born citizen, and 14 years a resident of the United States. There is no exclusion based upon having a criminal record. So yes, a felon can be the President. (Sadly, many Conservative voters don’t know this. Please educate them).

So, the President is politically rich and more powerful than he has ever been since he came down the escalator in Trump Tower all those years ago. If the election were today, and if we were to have a free and fair election, he would win. But 5 months is a long time in politics, and we must take nothing for granted.

These are all the obvious consequences of what happened yesterday, but that misses the real historic consequence of what we witnessed less than 24 hours ago. Yesterday isn’t about one man, one party, or even one election. It’s about the very fabric of our very system, the compact of the people and their political elite, judiciary, and organs of state.

Yes, the President will appeal the decision, but appeals are designed to correct mistakes. Yesterday was no mistake. It was deliberate in every minute detail. The system was deliberately perverted, and as a result, America was changed.

Our society is predicated on our differences being settled in a civilized fashion. What happens when the citizens of a nation have no trust in the justice system? Even if the innocent man wins the 2024 Presidential election, millions of people will never trust the legal system that has power over them. How does a nation ever fix that?

In the meantime, when it comes to President Trump, the real verdict will come on November 5th.

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