For years I told my wife: “You should run for office.”

I said that because people love Katie. And her demeanor is much better than mine.

I have high blood pressure, find most humans overrated, speak my mind, and I don’t “suffer fools gladly.”

Katie is kind, gracious, and patient. And she loves America, and is therefore exactly the type of person we need in the “Swamp,” as opposed to all the RINOs and two-faced career politicians who would horrify the Founders Fathers.

What was her response to my suggestion? For years, when I pestered her, she gave the same reply: “Are you crazy? Politics is disgusting!” And then something happened.

One day, after coming home from my radio show, Katie simply announced that she was running for the board of the local community center. My surprised response? “What do you mean? You hate politics.” And with a wry smile, I added: “You’ve read St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, right? You mean you’re asking your husband’s permission, surely!” Katie’s reply? “No, I got all the signatures, I’m running, and I just wanted to tell you.”

So what happened?

Our community center may only be a local facility, but thanks to the extra property tax levied to fund it, it has an annual budget of more than $7 million dollars and was using it for divisive and un-American activities, including a one-hour lecture by Nikole Hannah-Jones, for which the “America is inherently racist” author was paid $35,350. You read that right. One hour, $35,350.

But that wasn’t the singular motivation for Katie. What tipped her over the edge was the children’s Drag-Queen Story Hour. In other words, an event for innocent young children with a man dressed as a sexually provocative parody of a “woman.” That was not going to happen 3 miles from our home, funded by our money. Thus started Katie’s political career.

My Muse campaigned hard, but it was the midst of COVID, and in an election usually sealed by 400 votes, she lost thanks to hundreds of mail-in ballots.

At that point, I thought: OK, that’s it, she’s got it out of her system and Katie will get back to life as normal, including writing her latest book on the Marxism inside America. How wrong I was.

For the next board election the following year, she recruited two other Conservative Christian women, and all three won! And in the latest election, last month, another slate of Conservatives won, which means the Community Board now has a majority of patriots who aren’t into perverse shows for children and funding anti-American propagandists.

But that’s just a fraction of Katie’s story.

Starting even before her official political career began, Katie was worried about the safety and integrity of our elections. As a result, she volunteered for our elections, starting as a polling day volunteer then a poll watcher, and now she is a Chief Election Officer. All this from someone who “hated” politics.

But we’re not finished.

Thanks to an amazing patriot who has worked tirelessly to engage and mobilize Virginians to do their part (Rosie, you know who you are!), Katie was convinced to run for the position of GOP chair for the biggest county in the Commonwealth, Fairfax County. In a primary during which I had no idea whether she would win, she crushed it, beating her nearest rival by more than 40%! Needless to say, I have not seen much of my wife since then, and she travels the county almost daily to get her fellow Republicans excited and engaged to take back our nation. She is most definitely doing her part.

So here’s the point of “our” story. Support your wife, husband, son, or daughter. Understand it’s not just up to President Trump. It’s up to all of us. If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

Get politically involved. Otherwise you may as well be working for the Democrats.

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